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The luxury and sustainability of marble even “on board”

December 13, 2022 | MARBLE & DESIGN

On the boat, where everything is designed for the maximum comfort of guests and for a top sailing experience, the excellence characterising our Made in Italy is increasingly the master, becoming the protagonist of these exclusive moments of freedom and pure contact with nature. While the boating market continues to grow, Italy ranks first in the construction of super yachts.

This is what emerges from the study “Boating Market Monitor” by Deloitte, which shows the trend of the nautical market in Italy and around the world.

Therefore, the Italian shipbuilding industry is in good health and at the end of 2022 it is estimated that around 522 global orders for super yachts (over 24 metres) entered the Order Book of the most prestigious Italian shipyards. This is a number that gives us hope for the future of the sector after the difficult economic situation due to the pandemic and the difficult geopolitical contexts characterising the last two years.


The boat as a project represents a space in which everything must aim at the maximum aesthetic and functional quality to guarantee the uniqueness of the experience on board. However, it is important to not forget the resistance to atmospheric agents of all the elements being part of the complex design process chatacterising the yatch design.

On the other hand, the nautical industry has adopted the styles and concepts of residential interior design. As a house? Not exactly, but in fact the yachts interior design is getting closer and closer to the houses interior design. Despite the substantial differences between them, the two approaches intertwine, generating truly interesting scenarios.


The concepts of functionality, versatility and design representing the essence of designing houses become real dictates when it comes to boat interior design: It is increasingly to find solutions and furnishings that are performing, light, beautiful and also sustainable.

An increasing number of internationally renowned designers are being involved in the development of furniture collections designed specifically for yachts that reinterpret the concept of luxury linked to the world of pleasure boats in an original way.

Let’s think about marble: according to the aesthetic code, it is linked to luxury and to the idea of durability, but its weight seems to go against the logic of the marine industry design, namely that of lightness. It might seem like this, but we’ve actually gone further thanks to technology.

Lightened marble is one of the greatest innovations in the field of the processing of this material, which led to its introduction in furnishings and design, thanks to a process of reducing its thickness which has made it extremely versatile, especially in the field of boat furnishing.


Franchi Umberto Marmi has also started a good collaboration with an architect specialised in yacht design, Luca Dini, to promote the use of its marbles in this very dynamic and growing sector. This is how the Cubic and Spheric collections were born: seats and furnishing designed both for onboard luxury and top residential spaces. The watchword is the lightness of the marble that, thanks to the reduced thickness and the support of the honeycombs, does not lose its structure but gains versatility and an attractive design that make it unique and perfect for exclusive super yachts spaces.

Luca Dini’s creativity together with his long experience in the field, allowed to reinterpret marble in a contemporary key, seeking for lightness and a sophisticated design. Franchi Umberto Marmi has supported Luca Dini in the development of the new collections, providing for all the technology and its know-how that have made it a leader in the stone sector. 45° cuts, curvatures, shaping and excavations make marble light and ductile almost like fabric, breaking every boundary in the perception of this raw material.

The finishing of the individual pieces represents a further step forward in the direction of perfection and aesthetic balance: precious and natural fabrics, selected and refined leathers combine with the marble for an overall effect that speaks the only language of beauty and naturalness.

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