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Our head offices building designed by Paolo Armenise is clad in Bardiglio with polished steel inserts that run along the surface creating geometric patterns.

Adjacent to the building, designed by Michele Cazzani with the artistic direction of Giuseppe Venuta, the Franchi tower is clad in Zebrino cut against the grain and completed with a water-jet finish. Inside you will find a welcoming dining area, furnished with marble from our quarries. The cladding has a unique textured look achieved through erosion. The context is a dialogue of references between stone, water and green, what we usually look for in our natural settings.

With our creative approach, we are constantly looking for and experimenting new applications of stone. With the natural material, our Carrara marble, the result is always unique and stunning. The external paving in Bardiglio is enhanced by streams and rows of vegetation and its bluish-grey nuance blends with the colours of the sky.

We aim to offer our customers a highly distinctive, engaging, captivating experience so that they can fully appreciate marble as a material.


Warehouse - C1

Not only whites in this 3,750 square-metre area designed by Giuseppe Venuta and completed in 2021. With an all-glass ceiling, the marble enjoys natural light that comes both from above and from the side windows. Inside, there are slabs of different precious materials displayed in a book match pattern to allow customers to choose the best piece directly in the showroom.

We aspire to create settings for marble that enhance its natural properties and we aim to be the most influential company dedicated to luxury in the stone sector in terms of display capacity and attention to detail.

The sheer size of this exhibition area and the way in which it is designed allow us to optimise the more strategic functions such as logistics and the connection with information systems from the perspective of industry 4.0.


Technical area - C2

Our employees have all the tools and support they need in terms of logistics and safety to perform their duties in the best possible way. We pay particular attention to the professional development of all our employees and we firmly believe that a strong teamwork culture creates strengths. The polishing line is designed to facilitate efficient team work.

The warehouse is covered by solar panelling and is flanked by silos for the disposal of waste water. The machines used for moving the slabs are electric. In addition to the long-term commitment that involves the management of the quarry, we develop concrete strategies in the management of the exhibition areas to minimise the impact generated by the plant's water and electricity consumption.


Galleria Umberto - C3

The Umberto Gallery designed by Giuseppe Venuta is the heart of the various slab areas. This is where the most exclusive materials can be found, slabs of singular beauty with unusual patterns. The building is the result of an industrial recovery project dominated by the use of glass that allows you to see the marble in natural daylight.

Inside the Umberto Gallery is an exhibition of design furnishings, the various collections of sofas, armchairs, tables, lights where marble is the main feature. Our idea for the Home design sector is to focus on development and the ability to create new value in the stone sector. We look for a unique blend of emotion and naturalness in every single object and new collection.

The gallery also provides access to the meeting rooms that are entirely furnished in marble, from the grey shades of Collemandina to the whites of the touch table and bar counter. A cosy area, where to share thoughts

interior design: showroom "Home design", Eugenio Biselli | area privé, Giuseppe Venuta


Warehouse - C4

This warehouse holds the precious Gioia whites, with their woven, speckled design. A section entirely dedicated to slabs that looks onto the blocks yard and at the back onto the Interni now showroom


Warehouse C5/6

in addition to the ordinary slabs, this warehouse adjacent to our headquarters houses "Erodescape", the installation by architect Kengo Kuma created for Marmomacc 2016. A work that probes, using the artist's words: 'the new organic essence of stone, in its sensual nature, through a new curvature and a new texture'.