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Sustainability Report 2021

Sustainability Report 2021

Sustainability is a fundamental principle that guides our company throughout the value chain and this results in the preparation of our first Sustainability Report.
It is a document showing the path taken regarding sustainability that reflects the commitment of the entire supply chain in the individual actions.

Letter to stakeholders

I am glad to present the first Franchi Umberto Marmi Sustainability Report. With this first edition, we have started an exciting and challenging working path that collects and highlights our efforts to do business responsibly. This has always been an outstanding characteristic of FUM since its origins that still involves the whole company, starting from the Board of Directors, aiming at achieving an ethical and responsible business both for resources and people. Our first Report is an extraordinary opportunity to experience the passion of people working for this company regarding these topics.
This experience created a “virtuous cycle” of dissemination and awareness to work even better in achieving the future sustainability goals that we have set for ourselves.

Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report was prepared according to the main international measurement criteria and subjected to the assurance process with a view to accountability and transparency towards its stakeholders.

With this Report we want to tell and demonstrate our commitment to the management of energy resources, to the achievement of the well-being of our employees and to the analysis of the aspects concerning local communities.

The effort to prepare this Report, that will be periodically updated, was an important step to focus on development issues and on a careful analysis in order to plan further sustainable goals.

The 10 Principles of the Company

Compliance with laws and regulations
Respect for individuals
Fairness and honesty
Impartiality, equality and absence of discrimination
Privacy and protection of personal data
Environmental protection
Diligence and good faith
Documentation of activities and transparency
Fair competition
Protection of copyright and industrial property rights

Ongoing certifications

For some time, the company has started an environmental sustainability analysis that is not only limited to its own processes, but which includes the entire life cycle chain of its products. In 2020, this path led to the “Environmental Product Declaration of Bettogli Marble slabs of thickness 2 and 3 cm”, or rather to the certification and publication of an Environmental Product Declaration registered at The International EPD® System. The study was developed according to the ISO 14040, ISO 14044, ISO 14025 standards and the requirements of the UNI EN 15804 standard and includes all the processes relating to the functioning of the product. In addition, there is the company’s desire to reach always better organisational levels. In this respect, Franchi Umberto Marmi has adopted a Certified Integrated Management System according to the reference standards. The company management systems enable an effective risk control in assessing and solving any environmental, social and economic problems, by applying the precautionary principle and identifying and governing potential risk.

FUM’s goals

Goal 8

Workers’ safety: implementing the training and developing awareness-raising actions and better management of work and of ergonomics in the offices. Training will also be extended to inclusion of diversity for better personnel management. Formalising local purchasing and hiring policies to improve the impact on local communities

Goal 9

Innovation and research: continuing to carry out the usual and ordinary research and development activity within the working processes aimed at achieving a continuous improvement in efficiency and consequently a lower and rational consumption of resources

Goal 11

Developing the process of sharing a formal policy involving suppliers, making them specifically responsible for their social and environmental performance

Goal 12

Improving a responsible consumption and production through the improvement of the management systems of the supply chain and the customers and suppliers’ awareness

Goal 13

Reducing energy consumption and purchasing of renewable energy. Offsetting GHG emissions to achieve carbon neutrality. Sharing with Suppliers and Customers the opportunity to contain and reduce emissions according to laws and regulations

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