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Michele Cazzani

The activity was born in 2006 from an established collaboration between Paolo Armato, Damiano Deiraghi and Michele Cazzani. The studio presents itself as a laboratory within which ideas and synergies are developed on the theme of contemporary living. Michele Cazzani in particular is dedicated to the design of housing, offices, stores. New constructions such as the recovery of old buildings represent a moment of integrated approach to the project that starts from the study of the context and then gradually takes on the contour of a commitment that leads to the finished work. The projectuality sustained by Michele Cazzani and the Archizero studio is layered and it is through this that the relationship between client, context and architecture is consolidated.

The project is thus a creative moment, a harmonious synthesis between architecture, graphics and industrial design that is not based on a predefined formula, but on confrontation and dialogue with the goal of achieving a shared and desired vision.


Michele Cazzani knows marble through quarries: he is fascinated by the dialogue between the solids and voids of matter that characterize the quarry in its unique and pure architecture. Later, as art director of Franchi Umberto Marmi, he welcomes and develops the input of 'think in a big scale,' of working with marble as an authentic, living material. Michele Cazzani's work on Franchi marble is based on a great respect for the material: in fact, it is not the architect who imposes a form on the material. The material always wins in front of which the designer must necessarily take a step back and with humility let the strength of the material speak in the foreground. Michele Cazzani's works for Franchi are the result of a research that starts from the quarries and arrives, through the elements, then in the inhabited space, after architecture and design have emphasized the intrinsic strength of materials, first of all marble, also through a dialogue made of contrasts with other materials.